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Background checking for youth sports

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Don't just take our word for it. We are proud to work with a selection of great partners and customers that have discovered a new way of efficient and safe handling of background screenings.

Make sure you really know
who you are hiring

RightPerson gives you an automated tool to make sure that the right person is assigned the right task and position.

Lower risk
Speed up the process
Secure and reliable

Avoid human errors

Nothing can be more devastating to your organization than a bad apple or a disqualified person in the wrong place at the wrong time.
In a stressful work situation and with limited resources it's easy to miss something.

Reduce risk of reputational damage

The risk of damage to your  brand and reputation, and loss in confidence amongst partners can be quite ruining, including financial losses and legal aftermath. That’s why it’s always best to be on the safe side.

Speed things up

Reduce friction in the recruitment process and make it as pleasant as possible. Both for the candidate and yourself.
Don't let the screening process stop you from hiring the best.

Cover the full employee life cycle

Certifications expires, and checks need regular renewal.
Get full control of necessary checks in all employment stages: from screening to hiring, employment, role  transitions and exit.

"It's easy to invite users to the system. The process is simple and mostly runs by itself. In addition it gives us better control and overview."

Reidunn Rake og Marianne Fjelberg, Lommedalens IL

Get more speed and structure into your background checks

Now you can take advantage of an easy-to-use data driven platform that simplifies the process of screening candidates.

Let RightPerson take care of the diligence and heavy lifting all while you give your candidates a great experience.

Verifying ID & criminal record is now a breeze

Automatic requesting and verifying criminal record certificates significantly reduces the time for both you and your candidates.

Previously, the time for making and submitting a purpose letter and guide the candidate through the process would take at least 26 minutes. This is now reduced to 1 minute*.

With RightPerson you can generate reusable purpose letters, request police certificate on demand and keep records of the candidate checks. All GDPR compliant and candidate friendly.
With BankID the system also verifies the ID of the candidate, all while offering state of the art tampering protection and security.

*User tests performed Q1 2021

Build courses and certify candidates

Many positions require candidates to go through specific training and instructions before they can start in their new job. Now you can easily setup and verify that specific courses have been passed as part of the screening and onboarding process.

Flexible & custom contents
Learning management platform with text, images, sound and video
Comprehension testing
Exam at the end with multiple choice questions. Records of completed training and courses are kept as part of the candidate profile.
User friendly
Chapter based course with easy navigation
Custom course certifiates for candidates
Generate course certificate when the exam is completed

Solutions for your industry

Our background checks are individual modules that can be combined and adapted to your needs. Some examples below:

Better checks for youth sports and other volunteer organizations

Take the burden off your shoulders making sure that everyone that you engage have passed a background screening. This module has been custom developed for recruitment of staff and volunteers that work with children.

Background checks and screening for the financial industry

We custom fit modules for the financial industry, including board members. This could be credit checks, criminal record and PEP/ sanction control. In addition people can be enrolled and checked to have passed specially adapted e-learning courses.

General screening for potential hires

Need your candidates to pass particular checks before being considered? We adapt the screening process to your needs.

Verify your operators

Easily screen your candidates for correct ID, correct certifications, official health declaration, references, and perform e-learning courses on HSE etc.

Smooth candidate experience & hiring journey

Your employees are your most valuable assets and the first touch point is the recruitment process.

We make sure that the background checks runs smoothly so that you can focus on finding and hiring the best person. The candidate gets to keep a digital copy of his background check for reference and save it for later use.


Let the candidate be in power of her own data

Our platform follows a set of privacy principles:

Consent - Checks are never performed without consent from the candidates
Transparency - Candidates can access all information collected on them
Ownership & Portability - Candidate data is stored in data pods that is owned by the candidate and can be ported to different host at any time
Right to be Deleted - All data about the candidate will automatically be deleted on the candidates request. 

Besides being compliant with GDPR, RightPerson also follows the standards of the Solid Protocol.

Our checks

Verify the ID using digital identification methods, such as bankID
Criminal record
Confirmed official statements and records from the police department
Verified custom e-learning courses that new hires must complete.
Conduct screening of candidates' references
Screen for credit score and bankruptcy history
and more coming...

We take security & privacy seriously

We take great care in ensuring that all data is encrypted while in transfer, and stored securely in state of the art data centers in the EU. We also perform regular penetration testing to ensure that all aspects of our platform is as secure as it gets.

The platform is GDPR compliant so you don't have to worry about that part. The candidate has full consent based control over what data is stored and processed.

We also comply with the Solid Project standard making sure that the candidate is empowered and in charge of his own data at all times.

The Company

Our purpose

It's hard trying to manage the risk of hiring new employees without dedicated resources.

That is why we built RightPerson.

Our mission is to help businesses verify that the right person is assigned for the right task. At the same time we ensure the quality, transparency and protection of candidate’s data.

Our premise is that background checking can be performed so much better and more efficiently with the use of automation, AI and new technology, giving you better tools to build a robust organization.

RightPerson AS is now a part of AS and will soon move to a new platform and a new name. At the same time we'll launch improvements and more check features.


What is a background check?

Sometimes referred to as a screening, a background check is most often performed before someone is hired at an organization. The purpose is to see if the person is fit for the position and tasks that it requires. The screening can consist of different kinds of checks, depending on what position it is. The most common checks are ID verification, reference checks, criminal record, credit score and bankruptcy checks, skills and certifications control and social media presence.

Why have background checks become more important than previously?

With teams working across borders, remote working and the rise of internet and digital identities, it’s become harder to verify backgrounds solely by the means of taking a few phone calls. Although it’s become easy to control public online sources or ‘google’ someone, it has become similarly easy to build up constructions of someone's personal identity and desired background. Hire managers today have a tougher job than before to uncover who they really are dealing with. RightPerson makes that process easy - for both the organization and the candidate.

Why is it so vital to perform good background checks?

Hiring the wrong person that is not fit for the job is not just an economical issue for the organization. The risk of hiring someone unfit could potentially have devastating consequences for your brand and reputation. Doing a background check before hiring someone, could be the best investment that your organization does. And also important is having detailed records of the checks and screenings you have done can prove valuable for later.

Should I only do background checks at the time of hiring?

It depends. Some positions require only that it's done once. Other, more sensitive positions, might require your organization to always have up to date background records on all employees. Without dedicated resources it can be easy to forget or overlook this. In the worst case, not doing a regular background check for certain sensitive positions, could have severe effects on your organization, in the form of lost reputation, brand value or worse.
RightPerson makes having a regular check a breeze - and provides a process that is both easy and quick - for you and your employees.

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